New Job

This is my job now.  Writing these words to you and sending them out into the void in the hopes you’ll stumble across them again someday.

The pay is complete crap, the hours are continual and there are no benefits.  But I’m dedicated and loyal as all fuck so I’m giving it my all.

I hope it will be enough.

I’m working on a promotion.  I didn’t receive a notice about it or anything but I think there’s a chance I might be able hear you again if I keep toiling away over this keyboard.

So, I’ll just keep sweating it out over here.  Over here.  Across the way.  You should know there’s someone on the other side of the map who still thinks you’re a total babe.

Max wants an electric guitar for Christmas.  How fun is that?  I’m getting an acoustic one and we’re going to take lessons together.  Pretty soon, I’ll be writing songs and singing to you.  I’ll make a YouTube channel and post the vids for you.  You should really come back before that happens.  Let me keep one tiny piece of my dignity, at least?  Nah.  You can have it all.  I guess if I have to lose every ounce of my dignity pining away for you until you feel better, so be it.  I’ll throw it out the window of my car on my way to you; pour it down the sink and break the bottle it came in; bury it six feet under in a top secret location.

Told you I had a flair for the dramatic.  Don’t pay me any attention.

What’s the first song I should learn to play?  I really like this one:

P.S. In case it needs to be mentioned, you’re totally worth losing my dignity over and toiling away at this keyboard.  I’m gonna do it forever until I die if I have to.  At some point, I’ll probably get a tramp stamp with your name on it.

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