Total Package

“This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime.”

Robert Kincaid said that to Francesca Johnson in The Bridges of Madison County.

Don’t make fun of me. I read that when I was a young girl on the cusp of puberty.  Most likely in my purple bedroom that I got to repaint after my sister left for college.  I was the only one left at home then.  Both my brothers had moved out years before that.  I was enamored with the story and with Robert Kincaid.  In my adolescent heart, he represented the total package.  I wanted a Robert Kincaid.

Apparently, a lot of other people felt the same way.

Hordes of lonely housewives looking for some nourishment for their soul.

Or 13-year-old girls who spent the majority of their time daydreaming about a different life.

Cut me some slack on this one.  I was at the mercy of whatever books were left laying around after my mother finished them.  Mostly romance novels and everything by Stephen King.  There was also a bookmobile that came around about once a month but their selection wasn’t much better. There were no bookstores in my hometown and computers weren’t a thing.  We had to browse through our collection of Encyclopedia Britannica’s for research papers!  Egads!  My mom bought the set from a traveling salesman.  I remember they were expensive.

Here I am on the other side of my life now.  I’m not exactly prime real estate anymore.  I mean, my place isn’t bad or anything.  The paint is chipping a little and the shutters are sagging here and there but the place is rather quaint, at least. It’s got character.  You might pass it by unless you slowed down and took a longer look.

Whatever comes from these daily posts to you; whether they find you or not, whether they continue in there fervency or eventually wane over time; I only want you to know one thing:  Meeting you was the greatest pleasure of my life.  You brought me all the colors of the rainbow.  If all I ever get are those words we shared and nothing more, it will have been enough.


I don’t know.

I doubt it.

Fuck it.
I’m gonna want you 4ever.
Robert Kincaid has nothing on you.

You’re the total package.

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