Alright For Now

I may not get a chance to talk to you today.  I’ll be stuck at work for a while.  You’ll be glad to know I brought a copy of Swann’s Way to pass the time.  I couldn’t wear my daisy dukes, though.  It’s a little cold out.  Anyway, it will be later when I get home and I’m not sure if I’ll have time to serenade you with my words.  Am I serenading you or screeching at you? I can’t tell.  I hope my words cover you like a soft, warm blanket and not a scratchy one that even fabric softener can’t save.

I’m gonna let Tom Petty serenade you today.  I sang this song to Max every single night for the first 5-ish years of his life.  He doesn’t really want me to sing to him anymore but I hope he’ll remember that I did someday.

I like the idea of being ‘alright for now.’  Not later, not before, just right now.

I hope, in this moment right now, you’re alright.

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