Happy Birthday To Me

Look, I’m not really all that excited to be turning 29 again, ok?  So let’s not really make a big deal about it.  I mean, I’m super happy I’m still around.  I don’t want to go underground anytime soon but I wish this roller coaster would slow the fuck down some.  I feel like this has all happened way too fast and I don’t know how we made it around that turn just now or what in the hell we’re doing upside down so much of the time but…here we are.

We made it.

Well, I made it at least.  Your birthday isn’t for some time yet.  The way things are looking, I won’t get to help you celebrate your next decade and that really bums me out.

I’m not sure this situation can ever be cured.

I’m afraid I will have to live the rest of my days with this expansive chasm ripped right down the center of my heart.

I am fully prepared to do just that.  I’ve been building this bridge, one plank at a time, so I can travel back and forth across it in search of you.  I don’t know which side you may show up on so I have to patrol each one all day long.  Don’t worry.  I’m not tired.

Anytime you choose.  I’ll be here.

I know if you were here you would tell me Happy Birthday so I’ll say it silently to myself from you.  I’ll pick out a really pretty or salacious poem or piece of writing to gift to myself and I’ll read it later tonight when I get home.

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