One Hundred Forty Hours

We were two for one hundred forty hours

give or take

subtract the hours you slept

you’re down to one hundred four hours now

give or take 

subtract the hours i slept

i’m somewhere around one hundred twenty

give or take

you picked my towel up from off the floor

not once 

but twice

the slight nod of your head

when you told that man ‘thank you’

i wanted to take my towel off for you then

let it fall back to the floor

of course, i wasn’t in a towel 

we were in my car

and you didn’t notice

the desire that dripped 

like the ice cream down the sides of those cones

we licked and licked

on that red bench 

the same color as my nose

from crying all that morning

and most of that day

“well where can this go”


“someone will get hurt”

this street we took from ‘hello’ to ‘goodbye’ 

long and winding

partly uphill

the road signs all overgrown


you the navigator


i the helmsman

going up and up

to that fire tower we weren’t supposed to climb

but did 

and that other one back there in the forest somewhere

a notebook with our names written together

blue ink

the only evidence

that we ever existed anywhere


for one hundred forty hours

give or take

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