I thought of you today:

when I woke up,
brushed my teeth,
straightened my hair,
ran some foundation over my tired face,
coated my lashes with the black tar.

I thought of you:

when I backed out of my driveway,
dropped Max at school,
drove myself to work,
got out of my car

I thought of you:

when I walked into the building,
grabbed my coffee,
sat down at my desk,
gathered my papers,
punched in some numbers on my calculator.

I thought of you:

when I checked in the beer guy,
ordered the paper towels for the men’s room,
wrote that check for the band boosters.

I thought of you:

when I ate my baked chicken for lunch,
plunged the toilet in the ladies room,
mopped up that diet pepsi bottle
someone broke
over by the back cooler.

I thought of you:

when I got home around 2,
changed my clothes,
sat in the pick up line for Max.

I thought about you:

when we got home from school;
during homework;
arguments about homework;
all through dinner;
arguments about dinner;
evening bath time;
arguments about bath time;
prime time tv;
arguments about tv;

I thought about you:

Bed time stories.

I thought about you:

Precious minutes alone on the couch.

It’s 12 a.m.

I’m still thinking about you.

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