Day and Night

I’ve been keeping really late hours these past couple of weeks.  I can’t hide from the day anymore because there’s a small human that lives here who absolutely does not want to hide from the day at all.  Not even a little bit.

I’ve always felt better in the night even though she scares the hell out of me.  Why is that?  The night falls around me like a soft shawl across my shoulders and then like a knife slashing my shower curtain.  She is a wily little bitch, isn’t she?  I revel in her.  I love the way she both comforts and frightens in the same space.

The day, though?  That guy is such a giant douche.  He shows up before the night is even ready to go home and starts fucking shit up right away.  We’re all chill as fuck and riding out the last few moments of  peace and then Day arrives and starts yelling at everybody to get the fuck up.  He douses his fucking sunshine all over the goddamn place until nobody can see shit anymore.  Then, the goddamn birds start squawking at each other because they don’t have a clue what the fuck is going on.

What a shit-show.

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